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Sharing is caring. As a learning organization, we document our work and make our learnings and experiences publicly available in a variety of formats.

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Part of our mission is to contribute to systems change in the #Tech4Good space and the international aid and development sectors. We do so in various ways:

  • by creating a replicable model for localization that allows us to shift power at scale,
  • by co-organizing and participating in public events to share our learnings on how to responsibly and sustainably localize with a bottom-up approach, and
  • by documenting our work, learnings and experiences made in a number of formats, ranging from learning reports to webinars and online courses, open to all.

To make it easy to find all our publicly available resources in one place we have created this repository that we update continuously with new resources, so come back often

Reports & Studies

* reports & studies including our contribution

Resources related to our work with the Flying Labs Network:

Webinars & Use Cases

Online Courses