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Global Connection

We facilitate connections, collaboration, learning and knowledge sharing between local experts, global organizations and industries.

We believe that all key elements needed to create an abundance of local solutions already exist: fitting technologies, local experts, and stakeholders who look for valuable solutions that meet their needs. This is the reason why our localization model is built on the existing, with no need to reinvent the wheel.

The missing component is a convener to bridge the gap between all actors and a global ecosystem that brings them together for effective and meaningful collaboration.

WeRobotics co-creates and facilitates this global ecosystem by connecting: 

  1. Local drones, data and AI experts with each other on a global level
  2. Leading technology companies and their tools & solutions with local experts and technology implementers. 
  3. Actors of the international aid and development sectors, multilateral agencies, research and academic institutions, multinationals and the wider funder community with local drone, data and AI technologies experts


global partners


local partners

Learn more on how we connect the dots between local experts and global actors:

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We DJI Agras MG1 S Spray Drone session

Global Technology Industry, Locally Connected

We connect the leading drone, data, AI and GIS technology solutions to local experts who apply these technologies for social good solutions and strengthen local capacity in their countries and communities. Learn More
Technology partners support WeRobotics and the Flying Labs network

Global Access to Local Solutions

We connect INGOs, multilateral agencies, research & academic institutions, multinationals and the wider funder community with local drone, data and AI experts. Learn More
TDIA community engagement


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