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Partner with Us

Are you a funder, donor, technology company or social good organization? Learn more on the many ways we can collaborate, partner and join forces for the Power of Local.

Creating Impact Together

Transforming traditional and established systems is not an easy task. It's a collective and collaborative effort. There are many ways to support our work and efforts, so take a minute to learn more here on the various ways you can partner with us to make locally-led social good projects the standard in the #Tech4Good space.

We are actively seeking support from funders, donors, technology partners, organizational partners and subject matter experts to expand, scale our work and continue nurturing our innovative approach. Together with our partners, we aim to maximize value and impact through emerging technologies in the hands of local experts.

Partner with us as a Funder or Donor

Are you a foundation, private donor, international development agency or CSR fund? Do you seek to support far more inclusive, equitable and locally-led approaches that tackle disaster, climate, health, development and educational challenges on a local level? Do you search for innovative, practical and proven solutions and ways to localize and shift power at scale? Are you interested in supporting grassroots efforts to community engagement, advocacy for locally-produced data, and the ability to turn data into meaningful action?

We are seeking support from funders and donors that are interested in creating credible learning experiences. If you are interested in investing in programs, projects, or core work in order to amplify the power of local expertise, we are confident that our missions align. Together, we can change and innovate traditional systems to multiply sustainable solutions for development, aid and climate challenges, all driven by local actors and supported by emerging technologies. Contact us to learn more on how we can create an impactful partnership.

Join our Global Ecosystem as a Technology Partner

Are you a technology company creating drone hardware or drone-related software, platforms or GIS solutions? Or do you create any other technology that can enhance the social good applications of local drone, data and AI experts in Africa, Latin America and Asia? Technology partnerships are at the heart of our global ecosystem. Learn more on how we connect the leading drone, data, AI and GIS technology solutions to local experts who apply these technologies for social good solutions and strengthen local capacity in their countries and communities.

Join our Global Ecosystem as an Organizational Partner

Are you a global or local not-for-profit organization looking for far more inclusive and equitable approaches to accelerate and scale the impact of your projects, programs and even your organization? Are you a multilateral agency, research or academic institution looking for local experts in Africa, Asia and Latin America who already have a strong track record in using appropriate robotics technologies to accelerate your work in pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? Do you want to know how robotics technologies can be used to make your projects and programs more sustainable and impactful while at the same time supporting #ShiftThePower efforts? 

We help you select the right technologies, connect you with the Flying Labs Network, train your teams to strengthen your own local capacity, and work with you on foundational projects. This will ensure you gain the necessary expertise to make the best use of robotics technologies on your own. Learn more on how we connect INGOs, multilateral agencies, research & academic institutions, multinationals and the wider funder community with local drone, data and AI experts.