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Theory of Change

Learn more about our Theory of Change and the outcomes we aim to achieve with our work.

Our Theory of Change

By focusing on equitable use of emerging technologies and investing in local experts, we can unlock new ways of thinking and working that have historically been hindered, resulting in exponentially greater positive social impact and economic opportunity.

We Robotics Theory of Change

Our Long Term Outcomes

The following 3 long term outcomes contribute to our overall impact:

  1. Local experts, together with national and global actors of different contexts and sectors, are conceiving and implementing more sustainable localization and #ShiftThePower approaches based on and inspired by our lessons learned and Inclusive Networks model.
  2. A dynamic and sustainable network of diverse local experts are designing, implementing and leading drones, data, and AI tech solutions.
  3. Local expertise and locally-led technology initiatives are recognized and respected among national and international decision-makers and actors. 

Our Medium Term Outcomes

Our daily work focuses on following 6 medium term outcomes, to achieve our long term outcomes and overall impact.  We aim to see:

  1. Strong and sustainable network of local experts across the globe that lead applications of emerging technologies 
  2. Enhanced connection and collaboration among local, national and global actors in implementing drone, data and AI tech solutions and improve drone policies and regulations
  3. An increased number of locally-led, ethical, and sustainable applications of drone, data, AI technologies for climate, disaster, health, agriculture, entrepreneurship, and more 
  4. Greater recognition of local experts on a local and global level and inclusion of their expertise and experiences through changing the narrative and the systems supporting them
  5. A larger and more diverse future local STEM workforce to lead emerging tech solutions
  6. Wider knowledge of our bottom-up localization model among local, national, and global actors who adopt our model or similar approach to contribute to systems change

Download our Theory of Change.

It is just phenomenal how much WeRobotics and Flying Labs as a collective has been able to generate in terms of knowledge, in terms of capacity, and how you can lean on that and call on that at any point in time. WeRobotics has done an amazing job in co-creating this space and helping to facilitate it by providing opportunities and an enabling, supportive environment.

— Koinguma Baimba, Flying Labs Coordinator, Sierra Leone Flying Labs