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Join the Network

Learn more on how to create a Flying Labs in your country, become part of an existing Flying Labs and support the Network and WeRobotics with your expertise.

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Create a Flying Labs in your country

Are you an existing local (non-profit, for-profit or academic) organization with proven experience in applying emerging technologies to social challenges? Do you wish to establish your own independent Flying Labs and offer services to local government, NGOs, and private organizations to become fully self-sustaining? 

Read more below on how to join the Network and organize or co-organize your Flying Labs by sharing your experiences and learnings back with the Network, participating in joint projects and trainings, and actively contributing to the network’s purpose of creating positive, sustainable, and locally-led impact around the globe.

  • Discover our full Value Proposition for the Flying Labs Network. You'll also find the key requirements to join the Network in this document.
  • Do you meet the key requirements? Read the Flying Labs & Network Guidelines to learn more of what it means to be part of the Network. The Guidelines also include the application form. 

Join an existing Flying Labs

Find out here if there is already an existing Flying Labs in your country. If yes, does your organization or you as an individual want to become a partner of an existing Flying Labs? The easiest way is to contact the Flying Labs of your country directly through the contact form on their webpage on the Flying Labs Network website.

Join our Roster of Experts

Do you have a specific expertise that you believe can contribute to the success and work of Flying Labs and the Network? Joining our Roster of Experts allows you to contribute in various ways from anywhere on the planet. For example, you could become part of a sector expertise hub or support the WeRobotics team in our facilitation, coordination and support work for the Network. Sign up to the Roster of Experts.