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Learn more about our quantitative and qualitative impact, download our impact highlight and discover our impact stories. We frequently update this page, so come back often.

The Overall Impact We Aim to Achieve  

We seek to create more sustainable and resilient local communities that are supported by local experts and actively collaborate with local, national, and global actors. This will allow communities to leverage sustainable and responsible technology solutions that adapt to their own local contexts and needs.

We understand our own problems and we get equipped with the right technology to work within our communities.

— Yussuf Said Yussuf, Tanzania Flying Labs

Quantitative Impact

Our impact highlights summarize the quantitative impact of our work and the progress we have made towards achieving  our expected outcomes. In addition to our impact highlights, we rely on the Flying Labs Network governance model, which serves as our internal M&E framework. This comprehensive framework contains 8 key objectives and 50+ Network-specific criteria to evaluate the qualitative growth of Flying Labs. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Qualitative Impact

Numbers don't change mindsets. They miss context, and they don't do justice to the unique stories behind each project, training, local expert and resource. 

Behind each number in our Impact Highlight lies a powerful story. Harnessing the qualitative impact of our work to create engaging stories in a variety of formats is an important part of our work. Why? Our mission revolves around changing mindsets and innovating systems. Numbers don't change mindsets and systems. Relatable stories do. 

By documenting the qualitative impact of our work, and sharing these stories publicly, we aim to  influence perceptions about the power of local expertise. Discover a curated selection of our impact stories in the Related Articles section below. And if you are interested, please reach out to us for more – we have an abundance of stories to share.

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