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Navigate our social impact organization's world. Meet our team, discover our funders, donors and partners, and dive into our work, the impact we create and why we do what we do.

WeRobotics in a Nutshell

We Robotics in a Nutshell

Navigate the pages here under to learn more about our social impact organization, meet our team, and discover our funders, donors and partners. And dive into our work, the impact we create and why we do what we do. 

WeRobotics is a social impact organization


We are a social impact organization with a non-profit status and a fully remote setup. Learn More
WeRobotics team members


Discover the humans behind WeRobotics. Learn More
WeRobotics funders, donors, technology partners

Funders, Donors & Partners

Discover the organizations that support our work and are essential to our collective success. Learn More
TDIA community engagement


Learn more about our quantitative and qualitative impact, download our impact highlight and discover our impact stories. We frequently update this page, so come back often. Learn More
Why drones data and AI

Our Work

WeRobotics supports and connects local experts in drone, data and AI technologies. By doing so, we co-create a proven and replicable model to successfully localize and shift power at a grassroots level. Learn More
Disaster response using drones and data


Discover our Theory of Change and the impact we aim to achieve. And learn more on why we do what we do, why we chose drones as our technology focus and why we have created distinctive brands for our work. Learn More