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Local Experts

We provide local experts in Africa, Latin America and Asia/Pacific with a platform, skills, frameworks, technologies and opportunities to lead and contribute to local solutions.

An Inclusive Network Approach To Amplify Local Expertise

Throughout the Global South, local experts of local nonprofits, for profit companies, and academic and research institutions have the ability, agency and deep local expertise to tackle in a sustainable and innovative manner the pressing challenges affecting their communities. 

There is a profound need and desire of local experts and organizations to access the most suitable technologies, best practices and resources on how to use them efficiently. Additionally, there's an urgent need to gain increased international visibility and recognition for their work, as well as to connect and collaborate with like-minded peers globally for knowledge sharing and collective learning.

There is an urgent and profound need to find new ways and solutions to amplify local expertise, to redefine what it means to be an expert and to innovate new ways of collaboration between local experts and global actors. 

The core of our two-fold mission at WeRobotics is to co-create a practical example on how to do so. We call it the Power of Local. The Flying Labs® Network is our practical example of responsible and sustainable bottom-up localization and a new path to amplify local expertise on a global level. And if you ask yourself why we chose to co-create a Network of local experts in drones, data and AI for data-analysis, and why it is called the Flying Labs Network, you can read more in the Why section.


Flying Labs today, up from 3 in 2016


Local experts in Africa, Latin America and Asia/Pacific

Learn more on how our approach and model with the Flying Labs Network works, and discover WeRobotics' role and contributions to the Network.

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The Flying Labs® Network

The Flying Labs Network is our practical example to responsible and sustainable bottom-up localization. Learn More
Our role and contributions to the Flying Labs Network

Our Role & Contributions

How we successfully co-create, facilitate and grow the Flying Labs Network. Learn More
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