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The Flying Labs® Network

The Flying Labs Network is our practical example to responsible and sustainable bottom-up localization.

Shifting Power with the Flying Labs Network

The Flying Labs® Network is our practical example to responsible and sustainable bottom-up localization. The Flying Labs Network has grown from 3 countries in 2016 into a global network of 40+ independent knowledge hubs convening local experts in professional drone, data, robotics and AI services to accelerate social good projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America and beyond.

We facilitate and support this inclusive network of locally-led and demand-driven knowledge hubs across Africa, Asia, Latin America and beyond. Read more on our role and contributions to Flying Labs and the Network here.

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Flying Labs today, up from 3 in 2016


Local experts in Africa, Latin America and Asia/Pacific

What Does the Flying Labs Network Do?

The Network brings together locally-led and demand-driven knowledge hubs - Flying Labs - that catalyze positive impact of drones, data and AI for social good applications in their countries. The Network is built on a social franchise model with licenses on a country-level. 

How Flying Labs Work

Each Flying Labs has full agency over their local activities and the sectors of their work, tied to one or several Sustainable Development Goals. Flying Labs are fully self-financed. They provide an array of services to local and international clients, ranging from local communities, government agencies, non-profit organizations, research & academic institutions to international organizations and more.

  • Strengthen local expertise, convene local experts, and lead local solutions for SDG related applications, from disaster management, climate action and agriculture to local development, STEM education, health and more.
  • Enhance local-level capacity and tech expertise and implement sustainable solutions within their countries and communities through projects and trainings
  • Collaborate and share their expertise, learnings and knowledge with national, regional and community partners of their countries and colleagues of 40+ countries of the Flying Labs Network.
  • Build and contribute to local ecosystems to advocate for improved regulations and policies and sustainable and responsible localization of robotics technologies in their countries.

Why Flying Labs Join the Network

The key reasons why Flying Labs join and stay in the Network are: access to technology solutions, knowledge on how to best create value with them, opportunities to lead implementations, connections to other experts and like-minded peers, and increased local and global visibility. Discover the Flying Labs Value Proposition for local experts here.

How Flying Labs Contribute to the Network

Sharing and collaboration are the key values of the Network. Through a variety of formats, Flying Labs share their expertise and collaborate with their colleagues. By doing so, they contribute to the collective strength, success and impact of the Network. Their contributions are evaluated on a yearly basis.