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Adopt our Model

Are you an INGO that is motivated to localize with a bottom-up approach? Are you a local non-profit or social enterprise and you want to scale your solution globally?

Adopt Our Inclusive Networks Model

Co-creating, facilitating and supporting the Flying Labs Network over the past 8+ years has given us  hands-on and lived experience on a new approach to localization. One that moves from local to global, then back to local. One that builds on sharing and collaboration as the key values. 

Carefully documenting our innumerable learnings and experiences, failures and successes along the way and sharing them in various formats has been the first step towards creating a model. And while we make new learnings and keep on improving our approach, today we have a well-defined model that is ready for replication and adoption. We call it the Inclusive Networks Model.

How can our organization adopt and/or adapt the model?

We offer our services to support organizations, from INGOs to local non-profits and social entrepreneurs to network consortia, in their journey of either fully adopting our model, or adapting parts of it to complement their current localization or scale journey. Reach out to us to discuss if and how the Inclusive Networks model can fit your organization's needs and how we can collaborate to contribute to your journey.