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Our Work

WeRobotics supports and connects local experts in drone, data and AI technologies. By doing so, we co-create a proven and replicable model to successfully localize and shift power at a grassroots level.

Our Mission

Our mission at WeRobotics is two-fold:

  • Co-create a practical approach aimed at responsibly and sustainably localizing emerging technologies for the aid and development sectors. To co-create such a solution, we needed a specific technology to focus on that allows us to achieve this first part of our mission. As we have a strong passion for these technologies from a power-shifting perspective, we decided on drones, data and AI as this technology focus.
  • Document our path and myriad of learnings and experiences extensively, to create a replicable model. We also share our experiences and model with other organizations that want to push their localization and #ShiftThePower power efforts a step further and/or try out a bottom-up and decentralized power approach to localization. On our journey, we have also learned that our model is well aligned for local social enterprises that want to scale their work to more geographies and take their work global.

Our Secret Sauce

To turn our mission into success, we mix these 4 key ingredients to create our secret sauce:

  1. Building on the existing: We harness the abundance of existing local expertise, proven technology solutions, and a broad ecosystem of partners to connect the dots and multiply sustainable solutions for development, aid and climate.
  2. Co-Creation: Our longstanding experience and proven co-creation methodologies remain the front and center of all we do, and informs the decisions we take. Harnessing the collective intelligence of our team, Network colleagues and partners is at the heart of our success.
  3. Bottom-up approach: Taking a genuine and radical bottom-up approach enables us to place local expertise, proximate leadership and lived experience first. Always, and in all we do.
  4. Decentralized power / shared governance: Applying proven approaches, such as social franchising, Holacracy and governance models, enables us to actively address and change power structures within our organization, the Network we co-create and all our relationships.

Discover the focus areas of our work

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Who are the local experts

Local Experts

We provide local experts in Africa, Latin America and Asia/Pacific with a platform, skills, frameworks, technologies and opportunities to lead and contribute to local solutions. Learn More
WeRobotics facilitates connections, collaboration, learning and knowledge sharing between local experts, global organizations and industries.

Global Connection

We facilitate connections, collaboration, learning and knowledge sharing between local experts, global organizations and industries. Learn More
WeRobotics technology solutions

Technology Solutions

We implement collaborative and innovative programs with local experts for climate action, disaster, agriculture, STEM/Youth, entrepreneurship and more. Learn More
WeRobotics creates a replicable model for localization

Systems Innovation

We advocate for localization models, systems innovation and policies that support the responsible and sustainable use of technology in the hands of local leaders. Learn More