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Why We Do What We Do

Tapping into the power of local unleashes the needed abundance of solutions to address mounting challenges.

Providing an Abundance of Solutions with The Power of Local

To address the pressing challenges that grow exponentially, we need to tap into an abundance of solutions. This abundance can be unleashed by the power of local. Local, decentralized, and bottom-up approaches that center on the inclusion of local experts can activate this abundance, multiplying the actors working for positive change.

Our work inverts traditional value systems by amplifying local experts and co-creating the conditions for them to thrive in the spaces from which they are often excluded. By working collaboratively and in an inclusive manner between local and global experts and organizations, we co-create a new approach that amplifies local expertise and contributes to systems innovation. 

What is the power of local

Why is this important?

Pressing Challenges

Local communities and their governments across Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Pacific and beyond are facing pressing challenges affecting their livelihoods related to , mounting climate disasters, systemic educational challenges, political and economical crises, health threats and more. 

Technology & Local Expertise

Tools and solutions are readily available to address these challenges. Ongoing innovation has the promise to expand and complement the existing framework with more solutions. However, historical inequalities, social injustice, discrimination, and racism have significantly constrained the social impact potential of emerging technologies by limiting who leads in their application. Most often, the application of technology to pressing challenges, so called Tech4Good, and their expertise has been entrenched in foreign-led, top-down and techno-centric approaches.

Even when local talent is more qualified, local groups are rarely given the opportunity to lead in the efforts affecting their own communities. The significant number of challenges related to food security, agriculture, environment, and public health require localized, community-based solutions.

Local experts who offer professional services in drone operations, data, robotics and AI services throughout Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the Pacific rarely receive the access and opportunity required to employ their expertise and solve the pressing challenges affecting their livelihoods.

The Opportunity

Rural and urban communities and government actors at all levels across all geographies have the ability, agency, and deep local expertise to tackle the urgent climate, humanitarian, agricultural, health and educational challenges affecting their livelihoods in a sustainable and innovative manner. And local experts with lived experience know best how to create positive social impact effectively and sustainably in their communities.

By focusing on equitable use of emerging technologies and investing in proximate leaders and local experts, we can unlock new ways of thinking and working that have historically been hindered, resulting in exponentially greater positive social impact and economic opportunity.

One of the great things about localization is the opportunity to inspire. Especially here, where we might be someone's first experience with a drone.

— Koinguma Baimba, Flying Labs Coordinator, Sierra Leone Flying Labs