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The Power of Local

We amplify the power of local expertise to multiply sustainable solutions for development, aid and climate, driven by local actors and supported by appropriate robotics technologies.

Our Work
Smiling man adjusting the antenna of an airplain shaped drone outside in a field.
Two women gathered around a third who is holding a drone remote controller.

WeRobotics supports and connects local experts in drone, data and AI technologies.


By doing so, we are co-creating a proven and replicable model to successfully localize and shift power at a grassroots level.

Who are the local experts

Local Experts

We provide local experts in Africa, Latin America and Asia/Pacific with a platform, skills, frameworks, technologies and opportunities to lead and contribute to local solutions. Learn More
WeRobotics facilitates connections, collaboration, learning and knowledge sharing between local experts, global organizations and industries.

Global Connection

We facilitate connections, collaboration, learning and knowledge sharing between local experts, global organizations and industries. Learn More
WeRobotics creates a replicable model for localization

Systems Innovation

We advocate for localization models, systems innovation and policies that support the responsible and sustainable use of technology in the hands of local leaders. Learn More
WeRobotics technology solutions

Technology Solutions

We implement collaborative and innovative programs with local experts for climate action, disaster, agriculture, STEM/Youth, entrepreneurship and more. Learn More
  • We understand our own problems and we get equipped with the right technology to work within our communities.

    Yussuf Said Yussuf, Tanzania Flying Labs

  • Collaboration is the new innovation and South Africa Flying Labs has seen this and benefited a lot out of collaboration in action.

    Queen Ndlovu, Managing Director, South Africa Flying Labs

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Get Involved

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Transforming traditional and established systems is not an easy task. It's a collective and collaborative effort. Learn more on the many ways you can partner with us.

What are Flying Labs

Join the Network

Learn more on how to create a Flying Labs in your country, become part of an existing Flying Labs and support the Network and WeRobotics with your expertise. Learn More
ways you can collaborate and support WeRobotics work

Partner with Us

Are you a funder, donor, technology company or social good organization? Learn more on the many ways we can collaborate, partner and join forces for the Power of Local. Learn More
WeRobotics advocates for localization models

Adopt our Model

Are you an INGO that is motivated to localize with a bottom-up approach? Are you a local non-profit or social enterprise and you want to scale your solution globally? Learn More

Donors & Partners

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Partners and donors are essential to our collective success. They enable us to expand our impact and scale our mission. Discover a selection of our partners and donors.

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