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Discover our Theory of Change and the impact we aim to achieve. And learn more on why we do what we do, why we chose drones as our technology focus and why we have created distinctive brands for our work.

We Robotics Theory of Change

Theory of Change

Learn more about our Theory of Change and the outcomes we aim to achieve with our work. Learn More
TDIA community engagement


Learn more about our quantitative and qualitative impact, download our impact highlight and discover our impact stories. We frequently update this page, so come back often. Learn More
What is the power of local

Why We Do What We Do

Tapping into the power of local unleashes the needed abundance of solutions to address mounting challenges. Learn More
Why drones data and AI

Why Drones, Data & AI

Can you imagine a technology that allows just about anyone to create their own data, information and evidence and involve communities to build data trust and STEM capacity, all the while leapfrogging innovation? Learn More
Why WeRobotics and Flying Labs

Why WeRobotics and Flying Labs

Learn why two distinctive brands are essential to our bottom-up localization approach Learn More