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Why WeRobotics and Flying Labs

Learn why two distinctive brands are essential to our bottom-up localization approach

Why WeRobotics and Flying Labs?

We have set ourselves a two-fold mission at WeRobotics: co-creating a practical example on how to responsibly and sustainably localize Tech4Good, while developing a replicable model along the way (read more on our mission).

To co-create a solution for the first part of our mission, we needed components for both the localization as well as the technology focus areas. We decided on:

  • A network of independently organized expertise hubs that are coordinated by local experts in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We decided to create a specific, independent brand for these hubs and the Network: Flying Labs, and the Flying Labs Network. Why? Find our reasons here under.
  • Drones, data and AI for data-analysis as our technology focus, as we have a strong passion for these technologies from a power-shifting perspective. Why? Find our reasons here.

Two Brands, One Vision

Co-creating a new solution for localization and shifting power also means innovating hierarchy and organizational structures. From our model’s inception, we deliberately decided to create a distinctive brand for the "local expertise" component, to make it clear that they are independent from WeRobotics. 

To nurture these two distinctive brands, we created 2 separate brand identities, 2 separate websites and, once the Network began to grow, 2 separate blogs.

What brings our two brands together is our joint vision centered on the power of local.

Why WeRobotics and Flying Labs

Distinctive Roles

Our localization model takes a bottom-up approach, thrives on co-creation, and is built on the key values of collaboration and sharing. This allows each brand to have very distinct and well defined roles:

  • WeRobotics acts as the Network steward and takes on the roles of network coordination, quantitative and qualitative growth support, and facilitation of knowledge sharing and collaboration. As the steward, we watch over the Network's governance and sustainability. WeRobotics also co-creates and facilitates the global ecosystem of partners that supports the Network and allows it to thrive.
  • Flying Labs act as the Network's members. They are independent and self-funded, and join the Network through a social franchise license, adhering to Network Guidelines. Within these guidelines, they have full agency over their decisions and activities.

Together, we build on each other’s strengths, as both local and global organizations have their unique value to provide. By collaborating closely and in a way that decentralizes power, each party has the opportunity to bring in their core strengths and create value together.

WeRobotics acts as a bridge in a few ways. One is by introducing Flying Labs members to global opportunities. The second way is by bringing the Flying Labs together and making sure there is some form of standardization. They act as a guardian and a mentor, ensuring activities are happening on time, standards are met, and people are learning from each other.

— Uttam Pudasaini, Executive Director, Nepal Flying Labs

What is the role of WeRobotics