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We are a social impact organization with a non-profit status and a fully remote setup.

Our Organization

We are a social impact organization with a non-profit status. Established in December 2015, we have legal entities in the US (501C3) and Switzerland (public charity) and are currently exploring the set-up of our first legal entity in the geographies of our work. As talent is evenly distributed on our planet, our lean and global team works with a fully remote setup.

WeRobotics annual reports

You can find our Annual Reports and Financial Statements in the "Resources" page.

Our Organizational (Hi)Story

WeRobotics was funded in 2015 as a new collaboration between two existing initiatives by four Co-Founders. Read all about our history in this document.

The History of WeRobotics

Our Values

Through a co-creation process, we revised our values in 2023 and decided to give a different meaning to WeRobotics, by linking a value to each letter of our organization's name and remind ourselves in all our interactions what we stand for.

Walk the talk
We believe in leading by example and living up to the principles we set. Authenticity and integrity are the cornerstones of all our actions, living our mission of shifting power with local experts in the pursuit of positive social impact

We have a growth mindset and each team member and each Flying Labs has the authority, resources, and support they need to take initiative and make their own decisions. Our action is guided by collaboration and shared governance.

Respect global diversity
We cherish the uniqueness of individuals and their diverse backgrounds and cultures. We value different perspectives and experiences, and in doing so, we cultivate an inclusive and open-minded environment that enriches our collective creativity. Our work is stronger and smarter when informed by different perspectives.

Open, equal, and safe space for collaboration
We take great pride in fostering an environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas openly. We value everyone’s contribution and invite every voice into the dialogue. Through open sharing and collaboration, we multiply outcomes.

Be kind
Kindness is at the heart of who we are. We genuinely care for everyone we interact with, and we show empathy and compassion in our interactions. By being kind, we create a supportive and harmonious atmosphere where all feel appreciated and respected.

Ownership and Accountability
We strive for excellence while accepting that perfection doesn’t exist.We decentralize decision making and take accountability for the quality and success of both the output and outcomes of our work, including failure.

We trust people and the process. We have each other’s backs. We prioritize transparent communication and consistency in our actions to nurture a trusting environment. We know that we can rely on one another to deliver on commitments and accomplish our collective mission.

Inclusion of all Voices
We are committed to ensuring that all voices are heard and valued. As a learning organization, we actively seek diverse perspectives, question our biases and prejudices, and constantly improve our ways of being and doing, creating a strong sense of belonging for everyone we interact with.

We consider everyone in collective decision making and develop ideas together. Together, we co-design solutions and make decisions to achieve our shared goals. By involving everyone, we harness collective intelligence, enabling us to tackle challenges and seize opportunities with creativity and effectiveness.

We believe in lifting each other up, providing assistance, and celebrating our successes together. By offering unwavering support, we cultivate a tight-knit community that enables us and everyone we interact with to thrive. Sustainable impact happens through continuous learning in the service of others.