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Technology Solutions

We implement collaborative and innovative programs with local experts for climate action, disaster, agriculture, STEM/Youth, entrepreneurship and more.

Drones, Data and AI for Climate, Disaster, STEM & More

Drones offer a wide range of social good applications that make them invaluable to many sectors and contribute to solutions for a wide variety of Sustainable Development Goals.

Drones allow for locally-produced geospatial data and aerial imagery, captured at the time and with the resolution that meets local needs. For example, contributing to disaster response and disaster risk reduction with aerial imagery and maps, creating health indices for improved agriculture practices, detecting changes to support climate initiatives, and monitoring development initiatives with maps and 3D models.

Drones offer leapfrog innovation for agriculture and medical deliveries, and educate children and youth on how STEM can positively contribute to their communities. These emerging technologies also allow for new sectors and markets to be created, offering new jobs and career paths for the workforce of tomorrow.

The Who and How Matters

While these technologies are powerful tools that contribute to a wide variety of sector solutions, what matters most is:

  1. Who leads the local implementations of local and regional capacity building and implementations of applications
  2. How these technologies are implemented locally

Our reply to these points: local experts should be leading this implementation, in close collaboration with their local stakeholders and communities, supported by proven methodologies, ethical guidelines, and global connections they can tap into for collective knowledge. This allows for sustainable and responsible localization of drone, data and AI technologies, and local capacity strengthening led by local experts.

Sector Programs & Services

Together with Flying Labs sector experts from 40+ countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific, technology partners and leading global experts, we bundle our expertise, knowledge and experiences in sector-oriented expertise hubs to:

  • Share our knowledge and expertise through publicly available learning reports, webinars, use cases, conferences and events we organize or participate in.
  • Offer services to international and local partners such as local and international non-profit organizations, government agencies, academic institutions, development investors and more, who are looking to integrate robotics technologies for their sector applications. Services include a wide variety of hands-on and theory trainings for local and regional capacity building, pilot/learning projects and consultancies.


locally-led projects


trainings led by local experts

Discover the sectors we focus on

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Drones and data for precision agriculture


Drones and data to support agricultural challenges Learn More
Drones for Climate Action

Climate Action

Drones, data and AI to support climate monitoring, research, and interventions. Learn More
Drones and data for development


Drones and data for urban and peri-urban challenges Learn More
Drone and Data for Disaster response and management


Drones, data and AI for more effective disaster, emergency & humanitarian aid management Learn More
Drone delivery


Cargo drone, vector-control and drone data solutions to improve public health services Learn More
WeRobotics STEM and Youth Programs

STEM / Youth

Raise STEM awareness and contribute to gender balance with robotics and drone inspired youth engagement programs adapted to local contexts. > Learn More
Business Incubation Program 1 768x431

Drone Entrepreneurship

Drones entrepreneurship programs and competitions to create high-value jobs, grow local markets and open opportunities for the workforce of tomorrow. Learn More