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Drone Entrepreneurship

Drones entrepreneurship programs and competitions to create high-value jobs, grow local markets and open opportunities for the workforce of tomorrow.

Local Entrepreneurship Programs and Global Competitions

Civil drones allow for a wide range of commercial and non-commercial applications. They offer an affordable, timely and easy-to-use solution to acquire data, ranging from high-resolution data with a multitude of sensors to videos and aerial imagery. And they open new ways for supply chain management in hard-to-reach areas.

Over the past 10+ years, the market for civil drones has led to the creation of a large number of companies and start-ups around the world. While much focus is given to the start-ups that create drone technology, most value and jobs are created by the users of the technology. The introduction of drone technologies has allowed existing service companies to expand their offering all the while creating thousands of new small and medium businesses that propose their services to clients, ranging from wedding parties to health ministries. In addition, this new sector has seen the growth of a number of supporting services, such as assembly, repair and/or rental of equipment, or highly specialized data processing and analysis services.

Why specific entrepreneurship programs and competitions for drones?

There is one element that the entrepreneurs of these new companies have in common: the majority of them have a technical background. A fitting background that allows them to easily adopt drone technologies. However, also a hurdle for many newcomers who lack the entrepreneurial knowledge to grow their idea into a viable, sustainable business.

The key goal of our programs: sustainability

Our drone entrepreneurship programs and competitions proposes a proven methodology that allows technical profiles to grasp the key success factors of building a successful and lasting business. The programs collaborate with local partners and are complemented by long-term mentorship, to make certain that the businesses we support are sustainable. And naturally, the incubated businesses as well as program finalists become part of the local drone ecosytems that Flying Labs create and facilitate. Read more here under on how some of the businesses incubated by our programs keep on going strong 3 and 5 years after.

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