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STEM / Youth

Raise STEM awareness and contribute to gender balance with robotics and drone inspired youth engagement programs adapted to local contexts. >

Our STEM / Youth sector program creates new opportunities for youth across the world. As research indicates, young people are among the most passionate defenders of the planet, the most interested and willing to act on issues, and the most capable of influencing others. This group also maintains curiosity, energy, and a new perspective through their diverse voices, and a strong desire to live on a healthy, thriving planet. 

We support Flying Labs to take the lead in providing youth, educators and schools with relevant and demand-driven STEM trainings and programs. The goal of these programs: inspire, raise STEM awareness and support youth, particularly girls, on their journey to pursue STEM education and careers by enabling them to solve real life problems through STEM earlier rather than later.

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Drones and data for STEM and Youth projects

Learning Beyond the Classroom: Drones in STEM Education for the Next Generation. Read this article to learn more on why drones and robotics are a great fit to raise STEM awareness and engage the local leaders of tomorrow to follow a STEM career.


locally-led and adapted programs


of Flying Labs implement STEM/Youth initiatives

Discover a selection of locally-led trainings and programs:

  • Wings for the Future: Peru Flying Labs Empowers Youth with Muscular Dystrophy Through Drone Technology Training
  • Fly for the Future' Project Takes Flight in Senegal & Kenya: link
  • Empowering the Future: India Flying Labs STEM Training in Andhra Pradesh: link
  • Reaching 10,000 African Students with Drones and STEM Education in Zimbabwe: link
  • Children's book co-created with Panama Flying Labs - Ariel & Friends: link
  • Inspiring kids with STEAMBots in Tanzania: link
  • Igniting Innovation in Zambia: link
  • Cameroon Flying Labs Sparks Passion for Drones Among Youth: link
  • Learning to Fly virtually with Panama Flying Labs: link
  • A Glimpse into Uganda Flying Labs’ Thrilling STEM Boot Camp: link
  • Developing Innovative Projects In Mechatronics Using Drone Technology in the Dominican Republic: link

This is a limited selection of the many trainings, projects and events led by Flying Labs and supported by WeRobotics. Contact us for more examples and additional information.