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Drones and data to support agricultural challenges

By leveraging drone technology, farmers and cooperatives in Africa, Latin America and Asia can overcome logistical challenges, access timely information, and implement precision farming techniques. While the adoption of drone technology is still evolving, it holds great potential to positively impact agricultural practices and contribute to food security in these regions. Drones are increasingly being employed for following applications:

Precision Agriculture: Drones equipped with a variety of sensors are used to capture high-resolution aerial imagery, multispectral, or infrared data to monitor crop health, detect diseases, assess nutrient levels, and optimize irrigation. This enables farmers to make data-driven decisions and target specific areas of their fields for interventions, minimizing waste and maximizing yields.

Crop Monitoring and Surveillance: Drones provide a quick and efficient means of monitoring agricultural areas. They can be used to survey crops, identify areas affected by pests or diseases, and assess the overall condition of the fields. This timely information allows farmers to take proactive measures to protect their crops and improve yields.

Fertilizer Distribution (crop-spraying): Drones are employed for crop-spraying. They can precisely distribute nutrients across fields, ensuring optimal spacing and fertilizer utilization. This contributes to cost reduction and increased efficiency.

Livestock Management: In addition to crop-focused applications, drones are used in livestock management. They can monitor the health and movement of livestock, helping farmers keep track of their animals, identify potential issues, and manage grazing patterns more effectively.

Disaster Response and Crop Insurance: Drones are utilized in the assessment of crop damage caused by natural disasters such as floods, droughts, or storms. This information is valuable for insurance purposes, allowing for quicker and more accurate compensation to affected farmers.

Drones and data to support agricultural challenges

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This is a limited selection of the many trainings, projects and events led by Flying Labs and supported by WeRobotics. Contact us for more examples and additional information.