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Our Role & Contributions

How we successfully co-create, facilitate and grow the Flying Labs Network.

Co-Creating a Growing and Thriving Network

In essence, we act as the Network steward and our role is to grow the Network and to turn it into a thriving convening space. Much of our work is “behind the scenes” so that the Network as a whole, as well as individual Flying Labs, can grow and thrive. 

In line with our bottom-up approach, we take cues from the Flying Labs on our activities and co-create new solutions and improvements for our role and contributions on a regular basis. This is our way of ensuring that our role and contributions are in line with and create value for local experts.

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Our Role For The Network

For the Network, our work includes Network facilitation and coordination, knowledge exchange as well as ensuring Network governance and the implementation of monitoring and evaluation mechanisms. Our work is supported by two specific frameworks that we have co-created together with Flying Labs, and that we continuously keep on improving. These two frameworks are integral part of our Inclusive Networks model:

  • A framework to grow the Network in size. Built on a social franchise model, this framework allows existing local organizations to join the Network, existing Flying Labs to renew their interest to stay in the Network on a yearly basis, as well as a process on how to leave the Network. Discover the Network guidelines.
  • A Network governance framework, to thrive in the Network and contribute to the overall strength of the Network. Each Flying Labs undertakes a self-evaluation on a yearly basis, allowing them to evaluate contributions and set growth goals. This framework also allows us to create Network-wide benchmarks and identify gaps and areas that need more dedicated support. Discover the governance framework.
Our role and contributions to the Flying Labs Network

Learn more about how we turn the growing Network into a thriving one in this article.

Our Contribution to Individual Flying Labs' Growth and Sustainability

For individual Flying Labs, our work focuses on dedicated capacity strengthening and storytelling support. Another important area for Flying Labs is their sustainability, and we contribute to ensuring their sustainability with opportunities, value and technology transfer, as well as mentorship and a tailor-made program. Gain a quick overview on our contributions and what goes on "Behind the Scenes".

A key focus of our contributions and capacity strengthening is through tailor-made internal programs. These are made up of frameworks, toolkits, internal online courses and virtual learning sessions, all based on expressed needs from Flying Labs. Most of these programs only have a very limited focus on technology, and complement Flying Labs' expertises with stakeholder & community engagement methodologies, social entrepreneurship strategies, and more. 

Discover our current internal programs:

Turning Data Into Action Report

Turning Data Into Action Program

This internal program enhances Flying Labs’ capabilities in generating actionable data insights and systematically translating them into meaningful outcomes. The Turning Data into Action Learning Report dives into 30+ months of learnings on what this internal program entails, how it is implemented and what impact it creates.

Safety Culture Program

Our safety culture program promotes values, principles, and an innate understanding of the importance of safety within an organization. This programming creates a like-minded understanding of responsibility in order to share attitudes and perceptions on both an individual and group basis. This program allows Flying Labs to become the (drone) safety champions in their countries, and to train on (drone) safety culture in their countries.

Sustainability Program

To support Flying Labs in addressing their needs on sustainability and partnerships (two objectives part of the governance framework), this internal program consists of a live online course and follow-up workshops. It builds on adapted tools such as the Flying Labs Canvas (our version of the Business Model Canvas) and a wealth of resources to create strong value propositions, entrepreneurship strategies, teams, partnerships and more.

More programs, initiatives and frameworks to strengthen Flying Labs' capacities:

In addition to dedicated internal programs, we organize online learning sessions on specific topics of interest to Flying Labs, curate a knowledge sharing platform with hundreds of dedicated workflows, resources and tools freely accessible to all Flying Labs, and organize webinars with external experts on a wide variety of topics.

One of our newest initiatives is to strengthen and grow sector expertise for technology solutions with the launch of dedicated sector expertise hubs over the coming months. We will share more on this new initiative in early 2024.


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