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Meet the WeRobotics Core Team of Doers & Dreamers

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August 3rd, 2023

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The story of WeRobotics is not just about a workplace; it is about our dreams coming true, transforming lives, and filling hearts with hope. Each of us finds our purpose, passion, and joy in participating in this incredible organization.

Once upon a time, there was a shy little girl named Uyangaa in Mongolia. She grew up during challenging times when pursuing dreams seemed like a luxury—when her family's primary concern was putting food on the table. She rarely dared to speak her mind in school, fearing judgment and scolding.

However, life had unexpected plans for her. Uyangaa found herself in a role that required her to facilitate calls with people from around the world, organize webinars and share her ideas in public. This pushed her out of her comfort zone and revealed her hidden potential. She realized that she could conquer her fears, overcome challenges and excel. 


Uyangaa's life took a remarkable turn when she joined WeRobotics, an organization with a profound commitment to shifting power with local experts to drive positive social impact. It aligned perfectly with her values, inspiring her to become a positive change agent and improve people's lives. Uyangaa continues to work at WeRobotics, supporting Flying Labs to measure their impact.

Sonja shares a similar sentiment. The organization allows her to be a positive change agent. It challenges her to grow as an individual, teaching her resilience, empathy, and unconditional love. The global community of WeRobotics and Flying Labs expands her mind and knowledge every day, allowing her to constantly update and challenge her beliefs and ideas. WeRobotics gives her hope, hope that the world is a good place. Hope and certainty that so many positive actors are working hard to create a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive world. 

Growing up, Gilles dreamed of working with people from many countries. His dream pushed him to pursue languages and cultural studies, which fueled his passion for traveling. Years later, WeRobotics fulfilled this lifelong dream. He found a space where he could contribute to making a difference with local experts and connecting them. He loves that WeRobotics does not send foreign teams to the field but engages the local experts. Gilles is grateful for the chance to be mobile, especially when remote work was still a new concept.

Kenn, from Kenya, finds immense fulfillment in his role. He sees his job as a chance to build and nurture his career in strengthening community resilience. The professional networks at WeRobotics play a vital role in his ambitions to solve community challenges. Each day, he eagerly looks forward to meeting the Flying Labs and providing tailored support to local experts. He is living the dream.

Kaja's tale is one of empathy and understanding. Working with a diverse team at WeRobotics has taught her that everyone carries a secret weight shaped by their life experiences and traumas. She embraces the challenge of navigating various cultures, recognizing the importance of creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves freely. Kaja values the opportunity to "travel" the world through the stories of the people she works with. She finds it precious that the Flying Labs and WeRobotics environment challenges her worldview and continues to put everything in perspective.

For Renee, diversity and inclusion in robotics and emerging technologies are the guiding stars in her journey with WeRobotics. She believes that embracing the unique perspectives of a globally diverse team leads to innovative solutions. She is driven by the desire to bridge the digital divide. She champions equal opportunities for underrepresented communities, including people of color, girls, and women. Her dream is to create a more inclusive world through technology, leading to lasting positive change for all humanity.

"Life is hard!" said Elsa, a manned-aircraft bush pilot and drone pilot who has flown in Tanzania and Afghanistan. For Elsa, life can undoubtedly be challenging. However, she believes in maintaining a sense of peace and joy for herself and encouraging others. She cherishes the sense of love, joy, and community that WeRobotics brings her life. She believes that building a strong foundation through knowledge sharing and showing grace in our work relationships at WeRobotics will lead to personal and professional growth, allowing us to create a more significant impact in the world.

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Amrita's journey with WeRobotics is a transformative one. The organization's supportive environment pushes her to grow and try new things. Her improved quality of life has given her the energy and space to achieve more than she ever thought possible. Amrita has always recognized the importance of local capacity building, and her experiences at WeRobotics have equipped her to ensure its implementation and sustainable growth. 

Hailing from Nigeria is a powerhouse with an unyielding spirit named Mfon. Mfon has seen firsthand the challenges the communities in the Global South face. For this reason, she firmly believes in the power of the Flying Labs Network, which will thrive if we support its members to extract the utmost value from it. Change is inevitable, and while some may resist it, Mfon embraces it as an opportunity for growth while preserving her spark and energy.

Dan, a storyteller at heart, found the perfect platform at WeRobotics to tell unique stories. Stories that highlight local humanitarian efforts. Stories that celebrate people and their cultures. Stories that question and cause us to rethink Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. He understands the power of these stories in connecting WeRobotics and Flying Labs with the community, donors, and partners. He is determined to continue telling these stories until the cows come home. 

The story of WeRobotics is not just about a workplace; it is about our dreams coming true, transforming lives, and filling hearts with hope. Each of us finds our purpose, passion, and joy in participating in this incredible organization. We have made WeRobotics a place of inspiration, growth, and happiness. WeRobotics is a community of dreamers and doers who dare to envision a better world and work tirelessly to turn that vision into reality. We will continue shifting power with local experts across cultures and communities while fostering positive social impact globally and for future generations.



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