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Diverse Roots, Unique Growth: WeRobotics as a Springboard for Innovation

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March 11th, 2024

Innovation and co creation at We Robotics

WeRobotics is not your typical organization. It is a collaborative space where we dare to dream, individually and as a team. Ours is an organization that is constantly innovating, not just with technology, but primarily with models and frameworks. Our latest learning report on our (g)localization model exemplifies this innovation. 

We are an unconventional organization in several ways, one of which is our cultural, personal, and professional diversity. This diversity is our key strength. For example, we operate with a remote setup to work with the best talent for the task, regardless of their location. As outlined in the history of our organization, our four co-founders possessed diverse and complementary backgrounds whose synergy shaped what has become our way of being. While we have evolved drastically over the years, the foundation and legacy created by this diversity will always be embedded in our DNA.

We define ourselves as a “learning organization”. This allows everyone on the team, from co-founders to team members to the board of directors, to challenge the status quo and continuously learn. This unique environment serves as a fertile ground for generating new ideas. Some of these ideas align with our mission and strategy, and we develop them with dedication internally. An example is our STEM Sheroes program, which is our answer to the question of the gender gap in STEM education. 

Other ideas go beyond the scope of our work and can be pursued independently. For instance, one of our co-founders pursued his passion for drone manufacturing, by independently co-founding a drone cargo company after departing from WeRobotics. Other team members, including another co-founder, are exploring their interests in climate robotics in different ways. We take immense pride in their pursuits and celebrate these new ventures, recognizing that our team members are empowered to chase their dreams and continue making a meaningful difference in the world. 

To maintain compliance with our non-profit status and uphold our organizational values, we delineate boundaries between our work and the pursuits of former team members. This separation covers aspects of Intellectual Property (IP), including copyright and trademarks, and enables each initiative to thrive independently from WeRobotics. In the same vein, we also abstain from entering partnerships with these new ventures and rely on our former colleagues to honor these agreed-upon boundaries.

All of us at WeRobotics, from the team to Executive Management to the Board of Directors, take pride in serving as a springboard for inspiration and dreams. We will continue to nurture this unique environment with great care, ensuring that it remains a fertile ground for future ideas to emerge.

This article is part of a blog series, in which we invite you to explore our unique work culture, a dynamic blend of autonomy and collaboration that sets us apart. The upcoming articles will share more on what it means to us to be a learning organization, how our holacracy-inspired approach works for us, and the ways of being and working that make us a liberated organization.



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