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Glocalization: From Local to Global and Back Again

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January 30th, 2024

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Our work, at WeRobotics and with the Flying Labs Network, is about responsibly and sustainably localizing robotics technologies. The goal is to multiply solutions for development and aid, with local actors in the driver’s seat.

As our work has evolved, we have found it useful to challenge the concept of localization itself. While localization as it is typically thought of moves in one direction at a time – global expertise flowing from privileged regions to areas with limited agency, power, or funding, but rich in local knowledge – our approach seeks to establish a synergy between global and local resources, expertise, and knowledge in order to achieve meaningful and lasting development outcomes.

Glocalization Full Circle

Therefore, if we could describe how we work, we would call it “glocalization.” Born of the fusion of globalization and localization and originally used in socioeconomic spheres, the term factors in the interplay of local and global as well as the full-circle directionality of our work. Glocalization allows for knowledge to flow from local regions to the global stage and back again, challenging the position of the global north as the norm and opening the door to a more inclusive worldview.

Always committed to learning and knowledge exchange, we are excited to publish a learning report that shares firsthand learnings on why adopting the local-global-local directionality for localization is not only effective but necessary. In the report, we demonstrate our full-circle approach, beginning at the local level with local experts driving the agenda, globalizing local knowledge through the Inclusive Networks model, and then channeling it back to the local level in the form of replicable use cases, webinars, learning sessions, and south-to-south collaborations.

We invite you to download and explore the full report, and join us in our ongoing efforts to expand the impact of glocalization. We believe that by embracing a paradigm shift in how knowledge is valued and sourced, organizations can challenge norms, break free from preconceived notions, and tap into the richness that every corner of the world has to offer. And if you are interested in adopting or adapting our model for your organization, or supporting our continuous efforts to grow its impact, reach out to us; we would love to start a discussion.



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