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Wildlife Drones: A Webinar with Dr. Debbie Saunders

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September 16th, 2019

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In this webinar, Wildlife Drones Founder & CEO Dr. Debbie Saunders provides an overview of their technology and demonstrates how the user interface works to our Flying Labs members. 

Because of their relative low-cost, longevity, and lightweight, very high frequency (VHF) radio tags are used in more than 100 countries for tracking animal movements. But the current process for collecting radio-tracking data is difficult and time-consuming, especially when monitoring from rugged or remote areas where the terrain and vegetation can interfere with the tags' signal. 

So Wildlife Drones developed an innovative solution. Their platform can track up to 100 animals simultaneously from a drone instead of manually tracking them individually from the ground. The system is employed by and attached to a drone (DJI Matrice 210 or similar) so that you can track and map all of your tagged animals whenever you need to. When launched, the drone creates an immediate highpoint which maximizes the system's ability to detect radio-signals from tagged animals. As the drone flies around the study site, it sends radio-signal data back to a base station where it is analyzed and mapped in real-time, even when offline. By using Wildlife Drones system, you can complete more than an entire day's work of radio-tracking within a couple of hours. 

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