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Mission Mule: A Completely New Use-Case for Drones

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June 24th, 2020

Old Wadi Drone with penguin airframe

One of our key roles at WeRobotics is to keep an eye out for new solutions and use-cases. We do this specifically for Flying Labs that seek to expand the range of services they offer, which means the vast majority of the 25+ Flying Labs in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. If Flying Labs are interested in a given new solution based on demonstrated or projected demand in their own countries, we then set up a formal partnership with the company behind said solution. This enables local experts at Flying Labs to gain access to the skills and technical solutions they seek to offer the solution as a service. This also means there is little to no need for foreign experts to parachute into countries halfway across the world to run "Technology for Good" projects when the expertise already exists locally.

This explains why we invited the team at Mission Mule to join our webinar series. Say you need to send gigabytes of data (photos, videos, documents) to your team, but they're 40+km away, and your connectivity is limited, non-existent, or too expensive. This is a common scenario in disaster response and nature conservation. What if your team could send an autonomous drone that automatically uploads this data from you whilst flying? The drone would circle overhead and return to your team with the data. The team at Mission Mule developed the solution back in 2015 and has been applying and improving it ever since using a VTOL drone.



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