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Webinar featuring Angel Drones and the Plastic Tide

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June 9th, 2017

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Last month WeRobotics hosted a webinar featuring guests from the WeRobotics Network, who spoke about their unique applications of robotics for social good.

Our first speaker was Walace de Oliveira, the founder of Angel Drones, a social startup located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil which focuses on using robotics and data analysis to help local cities become more resilient. Walace described for us the challenges, benefits, and applications of using UAVs in Brazil.

The second speaker was Peter Kohler, the founder of The Plastic Tide, a revolutionary scientific survey to map plastic pollution using new drone technology. Peter gave us an overview of the work he has been doing, collecting data around the UK coast and allowing volunteers to tag the imagery online.

You can find the webinar split into 4 videos in the playlist below. You can also find Walace’s presentation at this link here. If you're interested in attending or presenting at future webinar series, join our Google Group for information on how to do so.


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