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Redwing Labs Joins Flying Labs Network as Technology Partner

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May 11th, 2022

Redwing Labs Drone

We're happy to welcome India's Redwing Labs to the Flying Labs Network. We first collaborated with Redwing in 2018/2019 on this medical cargo drone project with Papua New Guinea Flying Labs, Fiji Flying Labs, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The Redwing Team consistently went far above and beyond to make this project a resounding success, which enabled them to accelerate their efforts in India. It's all too easy to focus exclusively on technology and technical expertise for these projects, so it's worth noting that Redwing also differentiated themselves by the values, humility, and cultural intelligence they brought to the effort. This explains why we've been following their excellent work in India ever since.

Redwing designs, manufactures, and operates autonomous drone logistics systems to transform last-mile healthcare supply chains. Their work lies at the intersection of social impact, healthcare, and aerospace. They are driven by the mission of Access no matter where. Redwing exists to ensure that everyone can access life-saving medical supplies quickly and affordably. Established in 2018, Redwing is India's fastest-growing healthcare Drone logistics start-up. Redwing works with multiple stakeholders, including the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Civil Aviation, several State governments, healthcare enterprises, foundations, donors, nonprofits, and enablers. Redwing drones can travel 50km with a 2KG payload and operate autonomously. Along with the other software stacks that Redwing offers, it aims to set up logistics networks that can be handed over to the local population's real stakeholders after an initiation phase. Redwing's partnership with WeRobotics will help them enter markets where this technology could bring transformational changes in the long term.   

WeRobotics and Flying Labs have been championing locally-led and locally-owned medical drone deliveries since 2016. Over the past six years, we've worked with multiple Ministries of Health, World Health Organization (WHO), Center for Disease Control (CDC), UN, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, BD, Population Services International (PSI), and others to enable and expand the locally-led practice in critical cargo drone logistics. We have run professional, hands-on cargo training with Flying Labs and carried out locally-led medical deliveries in Peru, Dominican Republic, Nepal, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Uganda, Madagascar, Benin, and the Philippines. These deliveries in 2021 and 2022 included the first-ever deliveries of COVID vaccines to very remote communities in Madagascar and the Philippines. 

We're thrilled that Flying Labs will now have the opportunity to team up with Redwing Labs in the coming months and years. Other cargo drone partners of the Flying Labs Network include Aerial Metric, Avy, and Wingcopter.



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