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All Cargo Drone Solutions Available to Flying Labs Network

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February 24th, 2021

Pyuthan Cargo 1

A recent survey found that the vast majority of Flying Labs are particularly interested in cargo drone technology. What’s more, 87.6 percent of Flying Labs confirmed that demand for delivery drone services already exists in their countries. Flying Labs are keen to access a range of technology solutions when exploring or partnering on new cargo drone projects. This explains why we continue to grow the number of technology partners available to the Flying Labs network. The following formal partners offer cargo drone solutions to Flying Labs: Avy, Aerial Metric, and Wingcopter. Flying Labs also have access to our Cargo Upgrades for the DJI M600 and soon the DJI M300


Drone Type Max Range with 1kg Cargo Max Cargo MTOW Scope Training Required (weeks)

Relative Price*

DJI M600 Rotor 10km 2kg 15.5kg Rural & Sub-Urban 1 $
DJI M300 Rotor 25km 1kg 9kg Rural & Sub-Urban 1 $$
Avy Aera VTOL 60km  1.5kg 12kg Rural & Sub-Urban 3 $$
Wingcopter 178 VTOL 120km 6kg 18kg Rural  4 $$$
Aerial Metric Savior 330 VTOL 250km 10kg 35kg Rural 3 $$$
*Price includes discounts available exclusively to Flying Labs but note that some prices relate to the equipment’s cost while others relate to year-long leases.

We are building complementary tech partnerships for the cargo drone space, which means that Avy, Aerial Metric, Wingcopter, and the DJI Cargo solutions all have different specs and fill different gaps. This is key given that no one size fits all.

WeRobotics and Flying Labs Have Been Involved in Medical Cargo Drone Projects Since 2016

Together, we’ve delivered medicines and blood samples in the Amazon Rainforest with BD; Delivered essential medicines to remote clinics in the Dominican Republic with Pfizer; Collected TB samples from remote clinics in Nepal with BNMT; Ran cargo drone training & demos with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Papua New Guinea. We’re also working with the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Africa (AFRO) to catalyze WHO’s use of drone delivery networks. Simultaneously, we’re working with Pfizer to enable greater access to affordable cargo drone solutions by engineering a dedicated cargo drone upgrade. We were also contracted to work on the foundational phases of a vaccine drone delivery in the DRC. Furthermore, we’ve worked on non-traditional cargo drone projects with partners in Brazil to reduce Zika, Fiji to reduce Dengue, and Tanzania to reduce malaria. We focused explicitly on strengthening long-term local expertise and capacity in drone delivery with each of the efforts described here. We fully transferred appropriate drone technology to local experts across Flying Labs. We also offer a comprehensive, fully peer-reviewed professional online course on the use of cargo drones for medical delivery. Participants who complete this unique course receive a certificate signed by Direct Relief, MIT, the University of Pennsylvania, and WeRobotics. Lastly, we offer this affordable, locally-repairable cargo drone for short-range (10km) deliveries. This is the same drone used by DR Flying Labs, Nepal Flying Labs, and soon by Philippines Flying Labs.



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