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Wingcopter Joins the Flying Labs Network as a Technology Partner

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February 17th, 2021

Wingcopter Take Off

We first connected with Wingcopter in 2017 when they were setting up their project in Mwanza, Tanzania, delivering medicals over 65 kilometers to an island in Lake Victoria and returning with laboratory samples to the hospital on the mainland. Wingcopter's cargo drone technology and expertise have evolved rapidly since then, making the successful company an internationally-recognized player in the cargo robotics industry. As the number of Flying Labs has grown, our paths have crossed multiple times and in numerous places over the years. These labs are independent knowledge hubs run by local experts, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, and changemakers. The experts leading the labs combine their local expertise and emerging technologies, such as cargo drones, to tackle their countries' various challenges. Flying Labs are operational in 30+ countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and beyond. 

A recent survey found that the vast majority of Flying Labs are particularly interested in cargo drone technology. What's more, 87.6 percent of Flying Labs confirmed that demand for delivery drone services already exists in their countries. Flying Labs are keen to access a range of technology solutions when exploring or partnering on new cargo drone projects. This explains why we continue to grow the number of technology partners available to the Flying Labs network. To this end, we're pleased to announce that Wingcopter has joined the Flying Labs network as a formal technology partner. This partnership enables Flying Labs around the world to directly access the company's cargo drone expertise. This new partnership also grants Flying Labs access to Wingcopter drones at a unique discount only through the Flying Labs network. 

Wingcopter is known for its extremely efficient cargo drone design, combining the advantages of multicopters with those of fixed-wing aircraft. Its patented tilt-rotor mechanism allows the Wingcopters to vertically take off and land anywhere while providing fast and long-range forward flight with significant payload and beyond visual line of sight. Delivery configurations include lowering the cargo through a winch or landing at the destination and returning to its origin with a new payload. 

Following its vision to create efficient and sustainable drone solutions to improve and save lives everywhere, Wingcopter focuses on delivering medical and other urgently needed goods to hard-to-reach places. The company has a track record of successful projects and customer-relationships on five continents and is currently preparing the first projects for the fast and safe delivery of COVID-19 vaccines by Wingcopter drones. The partnership with the Flying Labs Network is fully in line with Wingcopter’s strategy. It will offer an innovative technology solution to create job opportunities and sustainably improve local supply chains. 

Wingcopter joins cargo drone companies Avy and Aerial Metric as formal technology partners of the Flying Labs network. Such partnership arrangements are truly unique to the Flying Labs network, which also has access to DJI M600 cargo drones and soon DJI M300 cargo drones through WeRobotics. We are building complementary technology partnerships for the cargo drone space, which means that the cargo drone solutions available through these partnerships all have different specs and fill different needs. This is key given that no one size fits all. Flying Labs are also free to choose their preferred cargo drone solutions outside our formal partnerships. This gives Flying Labs essential flexibility in the rapidly evolving drone industry and enables them to continue leading these solutions in their countries. And this, more than anything else, is what Flying Labs and WeRobotics are all about: locally-led applications of emerging technologies for positive social change.



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