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WeRobotics & Peru Flying Labs Partner with DronePerú

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August 10th, 2017


2017-06-28 10.39.20 HDRIn June - during the World Food Programme (WFP) humanitarian UAV coordination workshop and simulation that we organized in Lima and Punta Hermosa, Perú - we were introduced to a remarkable local technology organization whose goals very much align with our own. DronePerú is a national network of voluntary drone experts. It serves as a platform for disseminating information and skills relating to humanitarian and social good drone use throughout Perú.

One of DronePerú’s most important ongoing projects is the creation of a “National Volunteer Network” called PLANANDES - Plataforma Nacional Ante Desastres - National Platform Against Disasters, which involves building a virtual map of drone owners in Perú willing to support social good projects and public agencies, such as as firefighters, local municipalities, and the National Institute of Civil Defense.Their members have already engaged in a number of important projects including response to natural disasters like the flooding which hit the country this past March and April. In addition, they are planning training sessions to help stimulate the linked growth of private drone ownership and voluntary social engagement.

WeRobotics welcomes DronePerú to our Flying Labs Network. We’re sure that by collaborating closely with Perú Flying Labs they will help to increase local capacity and resources for the safe, responsible and effective use of robotics for a wide range of humanitarian, development and environmental projects. DronePerú’s expertise, experience, and reach will be invaluable to the ongoing field-tests in Peru and will hopefully lead to future trainings and projects in the country.


WeRobotics is always looking for partner organizations to collaborate with on social good projects, training seminars, and field-testing. If your organization is interested in joining the Flying Labs Network - please fill out our request form:



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