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WeRobotics Global - Session 4 Videos

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July 18th, 2017

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This week we bring you the fourth and final session of WeRobotics Global: “Beyond Aerial Robotics”. We wanted to go beyond the current trend of flying robots (drones/UAVs), and invited speakers from companies that specialize in unique applications of robotics technologies. First up was Thomas Dalla Piazza, representing a Swiss nonprofit organization called the Digger Foundation. Thomas showed how us how they convert heavy construction vehicles into semi-autonomous platforms for the purpose of clearing landmines and debris from conflict zones such as Iraq and Syria. Thomas’ Presentation Slides


Next, the co-founder of OpenROV, David Lang, gave a talk on the use of marine robotics, sharing real-world examples of citizen scientists using his company’s robotics platform for social good. David also provided us exciting updates on the new Trident diving robot, as well as quick look at a few amazing new computer vision algorithms. David’s Presentation Slides


Ulyana Horodyskyj of Science in the Wild was unfortunately unable to attend the event, so Patrick from WeRobotics gave the talk instead. The focus was on the use of swimming robots to monitor glacial lakes in the Himalaya. The purpose of the effort is to identify cracks in the lake floors before they trigger what local villagers call the tsunamis of the Himalaya. Ulyana’s Presentation Slides



The closing talk of WeRobotics Global 2017 was given by Andrew Zolli, representing Planet Labs. Andrew highlighting how space robotics (satellites) are being used across a wide range of social good projects. He emphasized the importance of integrating both aerial and satellite imagery to support social good projects, and also raised an interesting point regarding the current state of drone technology. Andrew’s Presentation Slides

You can find all videos from WeRobotics Global 2017 on the event page. Follow our website, social media pages, or google group for news on our next conference, and we hope to see you then!


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