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WeRobotics and Kenya Flying Labs Receive the Eurofins Foundation Grant Award

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March 26th, 2024

Kenya FL STEM Eurofins

We are thrilled to announce that Kenya Flying Labs and WeRobotics have been honored with a grant from The Eurofins Foundation. The grant holds immense significance for our STEM/Youth sector program, and particularly for our global STEM Sheroes initiative, which proposes both a vision and a clear path for girls and women to become local technology experts, leaders and entrepreneurs who use emerging technologies to solve problems in their communities. 

Under STEM Sheroes, WeRobotics and Kenya Flying Labs have developed the Tuhamasishe STEM program, which is designed to nurture a local STEM ecosystem in Nairobi, Kenya, specifically in areas such as Kibera and Kajiado. Bringing together participants, parents, schools, and non-profit partners, Tuhamasishe STEM will also serve to build a strong network of local leaders and foster inclusivity, thereby achieving co-ownership and collaboration with the community and creating a lasting impact.

Our diverse audience, ranging from students to educators and community leaders, will benefit from the Eurofins grant by accessing cutting-edge resources and opportunities. This funding allows us to broaden our reach and engage with a larger demographic, making STEM education more accessible to underserved communities.

— Mary Jane Wangari, Kenya Flying Labs

At WeRobotics and across the Flying Labs Network, we recognize the pressing need to cultivate a dedicated and sustainable STEM community at the local level, guided by qualified instructors from Flying Labs, who serve as inspiring role models. The Tuhamasishe STEM program as well as the greater STEM Sheroes program will offer targeted, hands-on learning experiences in STEM for children, youth, and young adults. These activities are interconnected and progress with age groups, ensuring a comprehensive learning journey. Taking a holistic approach, the program is strategically crafted to promote gender equity, accessibility, and inclusivity in STEM education through the use of drones

“The ripple effects of this partnership with Eurofins extend beyond the walls of our labs. By investing in STEM/Youth, we are contributing to a skilled workforce for the future. The grant enables us to organize community events, workshops, a STEM fair, and competitions, fostering a sense of belonging and enthusiasm for STEM fields. This initiative not only empowers individual students but also strengthens the fabric of our local community.”  Cleopa Timon Otieno, Kenya Flying Labs

“It empowers us to enhance our infrastructure, curriculum, and outreach programs. With updated equipment and technology, we can offer hands-on experiences that spark curiosity and creativity among youth. The grant also supports capacity-building initiatives, ensuring our educators are well-equipped to nurture the next generation of innovators.” Mary Jane Wangari, Kenya Flying Labs  

Our goal with STEM Sheroes is to address the gender gap in STEM fields by empowering girls and women to become local technology experts, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Supported in part by the Eurofins grant, Tuhamasishe STEM will be a catalyst for remarkable progress in tackling gender disparity and lack of access – the two key challenges affecting the Kenyan STEM ecosystem. 

The Eurofins Foundation and other partners can anticipate tangible and sustainable outcomes from Tuhamasishe STEM, including a more gender-inclusive STEM workforce, innovative youth-led projects, increased economic opportunities for girls and women, and the establishment of a robust network of female STEM trainers and educators, both in Kenya and beyond. We are excited about the positive transformations that this grant will bring about in the world of STEM education and empowerment.

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