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Drones in Humanitarian Action: Welcoming the First Class

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June 26th, 2018


We're heading into the 3rd week of our 7-week professional training on Drones in Humanitarian Action and the participant engagement has been outstanding. More than 150 participants in over 40 countries are participating. Almost half of these participants received scholarships or discounts to participate given their strong applications. As such, we have participants from the following countries taking our online training in Drones in Humanitarian Action: Benin, Burundi, Colombia, Côte d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Fiji, Ghana, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Kiribati, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, Senegal, Sudan, Zambia and Zimbabwe, for example.

Other participants taking the training are from Europe, US, Canada and Australia in addition to other countries. This rich geographical cross-section of participants really makes for an exciting and engaging course. If you're keen to take our next training on Drones in Humanitarian Action, be sure to add your name here so we can notify you when the new training registration is open. In the future, we also plan to provide trainings on cargo drones, agriculture and more. So stay tuned!

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