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Webinar: Revolutionizing Delivery

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March 12th, 2024

Revolutionizing Delivery webinar poster

On 21st February 2024, WeRobotics hosted another informative and engaging webinar. Featuring Cesar Serrano, CEO and co-founder of Linking Drones, the webinar offered insights into the present and future of drone delivery as well as an eye-opening exploration of Linking Drones’ mission to revolutionize connectivity in remote areas.

Linking Drones has developed a patented system that transforms the world of logistics into an accessible, legally compliant, profitable, and sustainable venture. In the webinar, Serrano unravels the intricacies of this system, sharing valuable insights into how it can be the answer to various delivery challenges. Setting the stage by highlighting instances where conventional methods have stumbled in the face of challenging terrains and inadequate infrastructure, Serrano is generous with his insights, underlining the critical need for accessible and user-friendly drone solutions. 

Watch the full webinar below to uncover the groundbreaking technologies that could redefine the way we bridge gaps and deliver essentials in isolated regions, ensuring a more connected and sustainable future.

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