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Shaping the Future of Drone Regulations in Co-Creation with the Kenyan Drone Ecosystem

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July 4th, 2024


Inspired by the success of the Flying Labs Drone Regulations Engagement Framework pioneered in 2023 with Namibia Flying Labs, WeRobotics, Kenya Flying Labs, and Kenya Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Association (KUASA) are teaming up to host a series of co-creation workshops aimed at replicating the same in Kenya. Slated for 29th July to 2nd August in Nairobi, the workshops will bring together stakeholders from across the drone ecosystem in Kenya, further showcasing the Flying Labs Network’s commitment to collaboration, knowledge sharing, and contributing to vibrant drone ecosystems in their countries.

We co-designed the Flying Labs Drone Regulations Engagement Framework to serve as a framework for local drone ecosystems to engage with relevant stakeholders and develop drone regulations that are community-driven, data-driven, and adapted to their specific contexts. Kenya Flying Labs now becomes the second Flying Labs to implement the framework, with the co-creation workshops promising to engage a wide variety of stakeholders to jointly chart a course that will enhance current drone regulations and strengthen partnership within the Kenyan drone ecosystem. We are thrilled to be undertaking this venture with the support of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.

The workshops will kick off with a co-creation session dedicated to exploring current and future drone applications and tackling the challenges faced in the industry. This will take place over the first two days, with a different group of stakeholders bringing their unique perspectives to the table each day, thus enriching our discussions and insights. On July 31st, we will reconvene for the second co-creation session, where all participants from the initial session will come together to finalize and agree on the key recommendations that will inform meaningful regulatory advancements. On August 2nd, the workshop will culminate with a session with the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, during which WeRobotics, Kenya Flying Labs, and KUASA will share the results of our discussions, with all participants from both co-creation sessions invited to attend.

If you live in Kenya and are actively using drones or plan to use drones for your work, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of drone regulations in the country. 

Your voice and expertise are critical in creating a more innovative and well-regulated environment for the Kenyan drone industry. We look forward to enlightening conversations with not just drone professionals from the commercial sector, government agencies, non-profit organizations (including UN affiliates), and academia, but also with drone ecosystem partners such as insurance companies covering drone insurance, drone importers and resellers, local drone manufacturers, and drone repair businesses.

Find more information on the co-creation workshop in the flyer below. Sign up here to secure your spot today. 

Kenya FLS CAA Flyer

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