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Pix4D Powers Drone Mapping Activities of 25+ Flying Labs

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May 6th, 2020

Pix4 D in Zanzibar

Since 2016, Pix4D, the leading photogrammetry software suite for drone mapping, has supported WeRobotics. With Pix4D's growing product portfolio and the rapid growth of the Flying Labs Network, our relationship has equally grown and evolved over these last four years.

Today, Pix4D is officially powering the drone mapping activity of 25+ Flying Labs with Pix4D solutions. Through the partnership between WeRobotics and Pix4D, Flying Labs gain free access to Pix4D best-in-class drone-data processing and analysis software, as well as invaluable support and training. Earlier this year, Pix4D offered a one-week online course to all Latin American Flying Labs. This personalized training (in Spanish, of course) helped 12 Flying Labs members master the platform and subsequently prepare for their Pix4Dmapper certification—highly valuable expertise to have when building capacity in their countries with local stakeholders. 

It's the easy access, easy use and reliability of the software that makes it so powerful. It gives us the ability to process and analyze the drone data of the many projects we support with a safe workflow and reliable results.

Dania Montenegro, Coordinator of Panama Flying Labs, helped organize this training for the region's Flying Labs. When asked why she is a fan of Pix4D software, she said, "It's the easy access, easy use and reliability of the software that makes it so powerful. It gives us the ability to process and analyze the drone data of the many projects we support with a safe workflow and reliable results and to easily train our partners and stakeholders we work with to do the same. And having access to training personalized to our needs and environment, getting trained directly by Pix4D's expert trainers allows us to become the local experts in our countries and regions the drone and data ecosystem needs to be able to grow."

Pix4D and WeRobotics also collaborate on specific projects and training, like, in 2018, when a Pix4Dfields expert traveled to Zanzibar to support Tanzania Flying Labs' "Drones for Agriculture" training. These collaborations provide WeRobotics, Flying Labs, and its organizational partners access to highly-valued, first-hand expertise from the people who know the software best. For Pix4D, their staff experiences and learns from the limitations and advantages of its software in a "real-life Global South" environment, allowing to improve its products accordingly and fit a wide variety of environments and markets.

While it is these kinds of engagements between Pix4D, WeRobotics, and the Flying Labs that make for a strong partnership, what makes the collaboration between our organizations even stronger are the values we share. "It is vital to equip local experts (such as Flying Labs members) with the best available tools to help them address humanitarian, health development, or environmental challenges. WeRobotics recognizes the importance of collaboration with reliable and trustworthy technology partners like Pix4D, and we are very happy to support their vision of the Power of Local," says Lorenzo Martelletti, Director of Strategy and Products at Pix4D.

We are very grateful to count Pix4D amongst our key technology partners who provide Flying Labs with access to Pix4D software and support, which Flying Labs use for a wide variety of social good applications. For example, Pix4Dreact helps improve disaster risk managementPix4Dfields is essential for agriculture pre-harvest loss projects. And Pix4Dmapper has been instrumental for solutions ranging from 3D irrigation network mapping in Senegal, to mapping archaeological sites in Tanzania, to planning relocation of communities due to sea-level rise in Panama. Achieving such a diversity of projects would not be possible without access to suitable software and hardware.

We look forward to using the latest products, such as Pix4Dsurvey and Pix4Dmatic, and keep on pushing the limits of drone mapping and analysis with upcoming projects.


About Pix4D
Pix4D is a dynamic and rapidly expanding software company with headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, and local offices in San Francisco, Shanghai, Berlin, Madrid, Tokyo and Denver. The company develops a line of end-to-end mapping solutions which convert images into georeferenced maps, models and tangible information. Using advanced algorithms based on computer vision, photogrammetry, and machine learning, Pix4D offers survey-grade accuracy, as well as a unique bundle of mobile drone flight execution, desktop and cloud processing.



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