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NEW! Online Training on Drones in Humanitarian Action

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May 26th, 2020


"WeRobotics knows it's stuff. It's obvious they are experienced and knowledgeable in the field. There is a lot that can be learned from them." ~ Participant Testimonial

We're very pleased to announce the launch of our new online training on Drones in Humanitarian Action!

We've been designing and running professional humanitarian drone training for as long as we've been leading operational humanitarian drone missions: since 2015. We've run these hands-on trainings and live disaster simulations in Belgium, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Malawi, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Peru, and the US. Trainees have included humanitarian professionals from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), World Food Program (WFP), UN Development Program (UNDP), International Organization for Migration (IOM), UNICEF, Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC), Direct Relief, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Medair, local disaster management stakeholders and multiple national disaster management organizations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. University faculty and students have also participated in these trainings.

"WeRobotics has done exceptional work in putting all the content together to provide eye-opening knowledge. The explanation and materials in this course are one of its kind and will not be available elsewhere." ~ Participant Testimonial

We first ventured in offering this humanitarian drone training online in 2018 when we trained over 150 participants in more than 40 countries. We learned a lot in the process. In 2019, we hired a consultant with significant experience in designing and delivering online training to create and implement a dedicated strategy for our online training. This led to the launch of the only online training on the use of delivery drones for public health. We've used this same strategy to entirely revamp and update our peer-reviewed online training on the use of drones in humanitarian action, which we're excited to launch today. Trainees who complete this online training will receive a certificate signed by WeRobotics, Direct Relief, MIT and the University of Pennsylvania.

To learn more about this unique training opportunity, please visit this link.


Praise from past participants: 

"WeRobotics covers absolutely everything that must be known on the subject."

"I consider this course as THE most complete, credible, and interesting course on the use of drones in disaster response."

"The training was epic, I learned and gained a lot... wish to have more trainings like these in the future!"

"Very satisfied, training is well structured, very real-life examples; Patrick and his Team are very experienced in what they are presenting."

"This training was well worth the time and effort to complete! A "must" for new drones teams or individuals in the humanitarian or disaster response fields."

"WeRobotics knows it's stuff. It's obvious they are experienced and knowledgeable in the field. There is a lot that can be learned from them."

"This training was a great experience and offered insights for both seasoned drone professionals and those looking to adopt this new and innovative technology. "

"One of the best courses about drones I have taken so far."

"Excellent training, all satisfied with the class, recommend it 100%."

"Taking the Drones in Humanitarian Action course by WeRobotics has been enlightening and eye-opening on the principles, code of conduct, and best practices for leveraging drones to support humanitarian missions. The training was full of case studies drawn from the practical experience that the WeRobotics team has gathered over the years on missions in different countries, making the training very practical. Thank you!"

"WeRobotics has done exceptional work in putting all the content together to provide eye-opening knowledge. The explanation and materials in this course are one of its kind and will not be available elsewhere. I thank WeRobotics for their hard work in putting all this together and training people from all over the world in the right way."

"A big thanks to Werobotics and especially Dr. Patrick Meier for giving me the opportunity to improve my knowledge on the use of drones in humanitarian actions and also offering me a scholarship. Now, I will be able to help and guide my country in setting up a regulatory framework for the responsible use of UAVs and contributing to my Ph.D. research. I encourage you to continue this training, which is very important not only individually but internationally."

"This was not only a great course on drones in the humanitarian field, but on drones in general."

"The content of the course and the approach to training was well done, covering a lot of interesting introductory information and real-world examples about the use of drones in a humanitarian and crisis context."

"This training is an excellent starting point for those who are planning to use drones in the humanitarian context."

"The course certainly lived up to my expectations, and I can't wait to get started working with drones. Patrick is extremely knowledgeable about the field, drilling down on topics that most would not think about. I highly recommend it!"

"I have a particular goal of working in the humanitarian drone space, and there aren't many opportunities out there to learn about emerging technology in that area. So, this training was unique. What this really provides is specialized knowledge and application, and the ability to connect with people from all around the world and hear personally from leaders in the space makes it beneficial for everyone from drone novices to nonprofit employees."

"The WeRobotics team are experts in what they do, and they also proved to be experts in delivering the Drones in Humanitarian Action Course to people from all over the globe. All the participants were engaged, and that's due to how this course was structured and delivered form and content. Well done, WeRobotics team, and Thank you."

"Being an Assistant Professor (in robotics-related subjects), I found this online course very useful. We are in the process of establishing "Aerial Robotics Lab" in Pakistan, and the course highlighted some of the critical issues that we were not aware of. I appreciate the efforts of organizers of this online course."

"For quite some time, I have been looking for resources to learn the usage of drones in humanitarian work but had not stumbled upon one until I was introduced to this course. This is a truly refreshing course filled with insights, knowledge, practical applications, and the vision for drone technology in humanitarian work. I would not hesitate to recommend a colleague for this course. It's truly beneficial. The discussion forums are an eye-opener and provide rich resources for learning about drones."

"This course is a great introduction to the basics of drones in humanitarian organizations and aid. For everybody who is new to the field and does not have an extensive background in drones or GIS."

"This training has made me learn deep insights about drones in humanitarian, which will help my country Malawi in many aspects. I will use my skills to help the government in the area of disaster response and NGO's operating in this field."

WeRobotics course "Drones in Humanitarian Actions" was a great and very useful experience for me. Patrick and the team are focused on implementing the most innovative ideas using drones in several contexts and provided me with very detailed information and a strong background, which will be the backbone of my future experience with drones. WeRobotics is definitively the perfect starting point to explore technology with ever bigger future applications. I am also grateful to the colleagues who attended the course as they shared, together with Patrick, tips, and valuable information."

"One of my goals this year was to get a drone pilot certification. I can confidently say that enrolling in this course was a step in the right direction because there are no such courses in my country."

"This course was a great introduction to the Humanitarian use of Drones. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about the field or participating in this important work."

"This course shapes the future of humanitarian response in emergencies."

"I am amazed by the content, guidance, and experience sharing."

"The lessons included real-life experiences of the presenters, who are leading the way in the field of Humanitarian Drone Missions. Their willingness to openly share their knowledge and experiences made the class interesting, informative, and beneficial. It is a thorough overview that explores each facet of humanitarian drone missions; I highly recommend the training to anyone working in this field."

"This training allowed me to have access to a mine of information easily accessible in one place and open my eyes on some specific topics that I was less familiar with (e.g., drone data and analytics)."

"This training is wonderful because of the instructors' expertise and the amazing cohort of people taking the course!"

"The training by WeRobotics should be standard training for any type of drone application, not just humanitarian response. Additionally, their work with drones in humanitarian response actions is critical. Supporting their work with just a fraction of the venture capital thrown at drone startups would provide a more noble return on investment."

"This course was an important added value for my certification as a drone pilot and mandatory for all people that want to be a Humanitarian Drone team leader. Many of the themes and experiences exposed were useful."

"I would highly recommend this training to my fellow drones enthusiast."

"This training has given me a good glimpse into how humanitarian missions are supported using drone technologies. I am hoping to utilize the knowledge from this training into extending similar work in my own country."

"Basics on the use of unmanned aerial systems in humanitarian settings by hardline professionals who know what they are talking about."

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