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Nepal Flying Labs With Yantra 5.0

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February 16th, 2017

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Nepal Flying Labs (NFL) works to promote the use of drones, or autonomous aerial robots, for use in a variety of civilian applications within the country. We do this in a number of ways, working together with local organizations and businesses to participate in a wide range of activities where robotics are the focus. We recently supported the Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN) to organize Yantra 5.0, Nepal’s biggest robotics event.

Yantra is an annual event that provides a platform for young enthusiasts, engineers and hobbyists to come together and showcase the robotics related works that they have been working on. Yantra was initiated by RAN in 2012 as a national robotics competition. The winners of this competition were sent to the International Robotics Competition at the India Institute of Technology. Yantra in the recent days is gradually growing as a platform for collaboration among science, art and technology, resulting in amazing social innovation projects.

Nepal Flying Labs is one of the sponsors of this event, and NFL coordinator Uttam Pudasaini participated in this event this year. He shared his vision for the future of NFL, the prime objective of establishing this flying labs in Nepal, and possible projects that can be carried out with drones and other kinds of robotics tech in Nepal. He also interacted with the representatives from Nepal Science and Technology Center (NAST), Ministry of Science and Technology, and others.

The theme of this fifth iteration of Yantra was Agro Innovation. With increasing use of drones in the agriculture industry, there is need for new robust technology that can autonomously operate and perform a number of different agriculture related works. The major attraction of this event was the Krishak Copter (meaning “Farmer’s Drone” in English) competition, where participants showcased the drones they had developed that were capable of spraying pesticides over agricultural fields.

Such innovative work is what Nepal Flying Labs is working to promote. We’ll definitely be working with the National Robotics Association in the future, and in the days to come we look forward to collaborating on innovative robotic solutions. You can read more about Yantra 5.0 here.


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