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Meet the Flying Labs at the African Drone Forum 2020 in Kigali

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January 13th, 2020


2020 will start strong for drones in Africa. The 2020 African Drone Forum (ADF) will take place in Kigali, Rwanda, from February 5-7, 2020. Comprised of a Symposium, Expo, and Flying Competitions, ADF will engage diverse stakeholders and convene experts, regulators, and industry. To register for the African Drone Forum, you can do so here.

Following up on the engagement at Lake Victoria Challenge in 2018, Tanzania Flying Labs will again play a central role in the gathering, this time joined by Senegal Flying Labs. Together, they will represent their African colleagues of the Flying Labs network that currently counts 14 Flying Labs in Africa.

The main activity both Flying Labs will lead during the 3-day Symposium are daily educational sessions. The practice-oriented information sessions will cover the introduction of various applications of mapping drones, type of drones, flight planning for autonomous data acquisition with drones, data processing, data analysis, and elements such as SOPs, checklists, etc. The indoor sessions are complemented by short outdoor hands-on demo sessions of data acquisition with drones. The sessions are proposed in English, French, and Kiswahili and will be part of the Symposium side-program at the Kigali Convention Center.

As space is limited, we recommend for interested participants to secure their seats as of now by signing up here.

Come and meet the Flying Labs also in the Expo, where members of Tanzania and Senegal Flying Labs look forward to sharing their expertise and experiences with you. Sign-up for the educational sessions is also available at the Flying Labs booth in the Expo area.

We thank the World Bank for allowing Flying Labs to share their expertise and showcase their work at ADF 2020.



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