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Join us at WSIS Forum 2019 in Geneva

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March 19th, 2019

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Join us at WSIS Forum 2019 for our session to learn and discuss "How to automate analysis of aerial data in the context of Aid & Development"

Evidence and data-based decision making allows for adapted and more efficient solutions for a range of aid & development issues and sectors such as disaster management, conservation, agriculture and resilient city planning. Easier availability of geospatial data through satellite and drones provides civil society with an important data source to support evidence-based decision making. However, it also creates a new bottleneck as the challenge has shifted from “no data” to “too much data”. Leveraging AI to support more automated analysis is therefore the next step to take.

In this workshop, we will talk about needs, present use cases of existing solutions and address the current advantages and challenges of using machine learning in conjunction with drone and satellite data, including in environments with low bandwidth.

Date: Thursday, April 11, 2019
Time: 16h30 – 18h15
Location: WSIS Forum - Room H1

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