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#FlyingLabsDay: This Is the Power of Local

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September 25th, 2019

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What is the 'Power of Local?'

The Power of Local is recognizing that power is not evenly distributed between the Global North and the Global South. When local experts have access to appropriate technology solutions, they can use them to tackle local problems more sustainably, effectively and ethically. Local experts with local knowledge and first-hand experience with the challenges facing their communities understand better than anyone how to bring the right solutions to those challenges.

The Power of Local is a network that invests in people and communities, transferring relevant skills, technologies and new opportunities from the Global to the Local. This movement also supports youth, our future problem solvers, and encourages them to aim high by pursuing well-rounded careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) without ever forgetting the solutions are first and foremost social and local. The Power of Local is a movement that restores power to local agency and ingenuity.

So it's not about the robots. Technology, itself, will not bring change. The Power of Local is about supporting local leaders who engage and inspire their communities to become more equal, more inclusive in order to bring change.

We thank all of the changemakers of the Flying Labs for their daily dedication and their passion for bringing their optimism and expertise to their communities. You are the Power of Local.

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