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Field-Testing Cargo Drones in Amazon Rainforest

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July 24th, 2017

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We've been field-testing a range of flying robots in the Amazon Rainforest since December 2016. The purpose of these ongoing field tests is to better understand the opportunities and challenges in using affordable robotics solutions for the delivery of medical supplies between clinics and remote villages in the Amazon. Our Peru Flying Labs carried out additional field tests in February 2017, but our most recent field-tests took place during a 2-week period in June. These tests included the transportation of essential medicines, diagnostic tests, blood samples and cash, with flight distances ranging up to 120km. A formal report documenting results and the many lessons learned will be published in coming weeks. In the meantime, in case you missed our live social media coverage of the field tests, please see below! Sincerest thanks to the entire team at Peru Flying Labs and UAV del Peru as well as to the Ministry of Health and our other partners for this really insightful and timely learning experience.


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