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Entrepreneurship: Hearing from the Winners 5 Years Later

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May 25th, 2022

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Exactly five years ago, we implemented our first “Drones as a Service” entrepreneurship program in Nepal. On May 27, 2017, DroNepal was declared the first winner at the Final Pitch competition in Kathmandu after making a brilliant and convincing pitch to the jury panel of local experts.

While the program created immediate impact by strengthening entrepreneurial skills for four local teams and creating three new companies, it is also interesting to apply a long-term lense to such programs and learn what impact they perceive after five years. One element we see as a significant achievement is that it has allowed the growth of a drone market and ecosystem in the country that continues growing successfully.

We have asked the winning team of DroNepal and team members of the other finalist teams who have incorporated their company after following the program to stroll down memory lane. Hear from them and discover their take on the program and its impact in this video:

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Important to note: Nepal Flying Labs and WeRobotics frequently collaborate with these companies, for example, for projects such as mapping Kathmandu’s urban centers or 138km of roads, a joint medical drone delivery project focusing on reducing TB and training in neighboring India to build local drone data expertise for disasters.

Seen both the short and long-term impact of our entrepreneurship programs which have since been implemented in a number of Flying Labs, we would love to keep on shifting power by offering such unique program opportunities to more Flying Labs’ countries. Learn more on our BizRobotics program track on our website and contact us if you are interested in sponsoring such programs for Flying Labs.



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