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Drones in Mangrove Conservation at Flying Labs

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July 20th, 2023

First Page 1 Amrita Lal

Mangrove forests, delicate ecosystems vital for coastal protection and biodiversity, face increasing deforestation and climate change threats. To combat these challenges, innovative technologies are being harnessed to aid in mangrove conservation efforts. One such groundbreaking initiative is the utilization of drones, which provide a fresh perspective and valuable data for restoring and preserving these habitats. 

For the past few years, Flying Labs in Asia, Latin America, and Africa have been exploring integrating drones into their conservation efforts. From mapping for monitoring purposes, storytelling, and STEM education, to seed dispersal for mangrove forest regrowth, drones have been changing how Flying Labs contribute to protecting mangroves and raising awareness about their importance in their local communities.

We are launching the Drones in Mangrove Conservation at Flying Labs report to highlight these remarkable projects. This report showcases the impactful work carried out by Panama, Tanzania, and Pacific Flying Labs since 2018.

The report also highlights the support from international and local partners, the stakeholders engaged, the methods adopted, and the impact the projects have had on the local communities.

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