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DroneDeploy, Flying Labs Partnership Enters New Chapter

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November 21st, 2022

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We are excited to announce that our already long-existing partnership with DroneDeploy is entering a new chapter. DroneDeploy was one of the first companies to join the network of WeRobotics Flying Labs partners in 2018. The company offers cloud-based software for drone mapping, making it possible to create aerial maps and 3D models with a single click. In addition, their software automates drone flights and makes it easy to capture aerial data with a mobile app. But that’s not all. The company’s Social Impact Program, launched in 2020, supports many global nonprofit and academic initiatives to make the skies accessible to all.

Many Flying Labs already use DroneDeploy solutions to make a difference—Malawi Flying Labs in the urban planning project or Tanzania Flying Labs in their humanitarian efforts, for example. WeRobotics believes that all our technology partners are essential to Flying Labs projects. DroneDeploy is no exception, and we hope the newly elevated partnership will open the room for exciting collaboration opportunities.

We’re very grateful for DroneDeploy’s kind support and trust. We look forward to making greater use of their robust solutions and for the Flying Labs to showcase them in their relevant and important use cases.



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