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Timothy Reuter

Advisory Council Member

Profile Timothy Reuter

Timothy Reuter leads the Future of Drones Project at the World Economic Forum, where he focuses on accelerating the adoption of drone technologies and maximizing their social benefit. Prior to joining the Forum, he worked on drone delivery at Google[x] as part of Project Wing. A serial robotics entrepreneur, Timothy was founder and CEO of a company that designed, manufactured, and distributed a personal flying camera product and subsequently founded another company that built food delivery robots. He also founded the Drone User Group Network, a global association of community organizations dedicated to teaching people how to build and use drones, and was the Executive Director of the Drone Social Innovation Award, a prize for the most socially beneficial use of a low cost drone. Before developing a passion for robotics, Timothy worked for the US government serving in the US and internationally with the State Department and USAID. He has a masters degree from Johns Hopkins University in international affairs and economics.