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Mfon Victor Udechukwu

Flying Labs Community & Program Coordination

Profile Mfon Victor Udechukwu

Mfon believes that integrating ethics into the use of emerging technologies like drones, robotics, and artificial intelligence can rapidly support the achievement of the SDGs, particularly in low-income countries.

She holds a bachelor's degree in International Relations from USIU, Nairobi, Kenya, and a master's degree in human rights and democratization, partly funded by the European Union and awarded by the Global Campus of Human Rights, Venice Italy.

Before joining WeRobotics, Mfon has worked in various organisations-ECOWAS West Africa's regional body and Artificial Intelligence 4 Development Agency (AI4DA), Vienna, Austria. At AI4DA, she worked as a social media coordinator, actively promoting the organization's vision and mission of creating awareness about the responsible use of AI and its potential in solving critical problems globally. She also supported the research and development team in writing articles and presenting papers on responsible AI in conferences.

Mfon is a volunteer at Slum2school Africa. A volunteer-driven organization whose aim is to ensure that children in remote communities have access to quality education, and Entrepreneur skills to realize their highest potential.

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