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Gisli Olafsson

Advisory Council Member

Profile Gisli Olafsson

Gisli is a senior level technology executive with over 25 years of international experience from diverse fields, such as humanitarian response, medical diagnostics, venture capital, non-profit, software development and information technology. He previously served as Nethope’s Emergency Response Director and as Disaster Management Technical Advisor to Microsoft. Gisli is a technology visionary with strong business acumen and strategy development experience. He is a long term trusted technology advisor to national governments, non-profit organizations and international organizations with a deep understanding of the potential of technology to make their organizations more effective. Gisli is also an experienced leader of teams of various sizes, in chaotic, stressful and often life threatening environments. A team builder, motivator and leader, Gisli has a strong focus on empowering and mentoring. A firm believer in cross-organization collaboration, with great experience in bringing together disparate people and organizations around a common vision.