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Gilles Fischer

Flying Labs Community & Program Coordination

Profile Gilles Fischer

Gilles joined WeRobotics as a Community & Program Coordinator in early 2019 and supported the growth of the Flying Labs Network from 17 to currently 40 Flying Labs - this required listening to the evolving needs of the network and continuously adapting the approach to network coordination and facilitation. Based in Australia, Gilles is well connected with Flying Labs of the Asia Pacific region and collaborates with them daily. 

Prior to joining WeRobotics, Gilles program managed large-scale data collection projects to improve machine learning of voice and image recognition products for Silicon Valley clients. It involved deploying and managing remotely from headquarters field teams which spanned Africa, Asia, Middle East, outback Australia and South America. In addition, Gilles also project managed the development of speech technology and cloud software products. 

Through working with multicultural teams, extensive world travels, field work and volunteering, Gilles built strong cultural awareness over the years. He crossed paths with Nepal Flying Labs in Kathmandu which eventually led to his journey with WeRobotics. Native French, Gilles speaks English and Italian fluently, as well as conversational German. He studied Applied Foreign Languages at the University of Strasbourg, France with an Erasmus student exchange at the University of Genoa, Italy.