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Gilles Fischer

Flying Labs Community & Program Coordination

Profile Gilles Fischer

Gilles joined WeRobotics in early 2019 and has developed a great relationship with the Flying Labs Network over the years. French native, he speaks English and Italian fluently, has lived in France, the UK and Italy and is now based in Australia, well connected with Flying Labs based in the Asia & Pacific region.

His previous experience was in the fields of language services, software-as-a-service (Cloud platforms) and language technology. He delivered year-long programs to improve machine learning of voice and image recognition for tech giants including Google and Microsoft. These programs involved leading fieldwork partners to collect and process speech, image and GIS data in Africa, Asia, Middle East, South America and outback Australia as well as leading worldwide crowdsourcing projects.

He studied Applied Foreign Languages at the University of Strasbourg, France with an Erasmus exchange at the University of Genoa, Italy.